finder_term occupies 70% of the entire DB

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finder_term occupies 70% of the entire DB

Post by danjde » Sat Mar 10, 2018 9:18 am

Hello friends,
in a events web site (with daily new content), checking the tables I find out that the "finder_term" occupies almost the entire database.

Looking into the table content I find that at least 50% of these are repeated, are duplicated.
The Smart Search plugin is disabled (and I do not want to enable it), I was wondering if there is a way to eliminate at least the duplicate entries.

Furthermore the terms that I see in the DB, if I search through 'Components -> Search Engine' are not present on finder_term table . For what reason? The 'finder_term' are only collected by Smart Search engine?

Could it be necessary to perform a new indexing always from 'Components -> Search Engine' or it is useless? And for so , eventually should the tables be emptied first?

Thank you so much for your kind help!

n o p r o v a r e n o f a r e o n o n f a r e n o n c e p r o v a r e


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