PageSpeed ​​Insights Google (speed site)

Discussion regarding Joomla! 3.x Performance issues.
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PageSpeed ​​Insights Google (speed site)

Post by xoxlec » Mon Nov 16, 2020 10:05 pm

Hello everyone, I ve been creating websites for years on CMS Joomla, but now I really confused and couldn't find any solutions of such problems in internet. And I've decided to create this theme so anyone could help.
We have website - ( It's been optimised fot the main requirements of PageSpeed Insights)

ATTENTION! There is a table of 62000 rows - table of all menus and it weighs about 75MB. So it turns out that menu consists of 62000 lines and every day 170-500 new ones are added, each new line is a new material.
When loading every page of the site
the table of menu is sub-loaded in full volume and it affects the speed of loading of first bite.

Example of pages. Download speed of first bite (3.48 s) Download speed of first bite - (3.42 s) Download speed of first bite - (3.17 s)

Main question:

How do I optimize this table or workout around the problem with download speed of first bite? Or in other words - How do I set more effecient indexes in the database or optimise the queries themselves?
If you ask why we decided that problem is in that page - If you leave in this table only 100-1000 lines, download speed of first bite does not exceed 1.5 s

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Re: PageSpeed ​​Insights Google (speed site)

Post by waarnemer » Wed Nov 18, 2020 10:30 am

hard to tell.. but some thoughts...

do not use queries like select * and then have your code do all the value mapping
ie. use select id, name, whatever.....

cache your db output.

step up the recources for your DB

and check your yandex metrica.. pagespeed insights mentions it is stalling by 1.5 seconds..

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