Status of French in Joomla 3.02

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Status of French in Joomla 3.02

Postby timotei » Thu Jan 10, 2013 5:43 pm

Canada is officially bilingual.

Some questions if I may about a Canadian bilingual website design.

1. Is it fr-Fr, fr-QC or fr-CA for using the Official Canadian French in Canada in Joomla 3.02+?

2. Recognizing that volunteers are at a premium, is French language development in Joomla! 3.02 currently standards-based or is this an interm 'just works' approach? I am trying to point toward a definitive answer, not be rude in my question to you about this.

2. In this same light how is New Brunswick French to be handled? Is that fr-NB? Or is it a concern for development at all?

3. What is the status of development for the use of the French language extension in Canada, Quebec, New Brunswick?

Thanks for your time. I suspect the answers to these questions will clarify a path for Canadian French language development and so make a substantial difference to potentially millions of people with this concern.



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Re: Status of French in Joomla 3.02

Postby infograf768 » Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:52 am

1. fr-CA would be the normalized ISO for French Canadian (fr is the language, CA is the country)

2. The registered French fr-FR language package proposed on our sites and that you can install directly from the Extensions Manager is done by volunteers regrouped around the AFUJ (Association Francophone des Utilisateurs de Joomla!".
The pack has been proposed since first Joomla version and updated for each version.
If your question is "has this pack been officially approved by the « Académie française »", the answer is No.
If it is "Is this pack largely up to standards used in the internet in France and specific Joomla requirements", the answer is Yes in my opinion.

3. There is no specific ISO for French spoken in New Brunswick.
NB is not a country code. See

4. No idea...

NOTE: Although nobody proposed a specific fr-CA pack for Joomla (Volunteers welcome). it is possible nevertheless to use the fr-FR pack and the languagecode system plugin for search engines to see the pages as fr-CA. That is what Joomla French Canadian user do.
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