Multi-Language Menu Reverts when Selecting a Page

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Multi-Language Menu Reverts when Selecting a Page

Post by Mhalaychik » Mon Aug 02, 2021 8:11 pm

I am new to multi-language using Joomla core and associations, so I apologize if my question is silly.

I have a multi-language site with 5 languages English - US being the default.

I started setting up the translated navigation and content for each of the languages. Each main menu looks like it is working and switching properly. If I select a language (for example "Spanish") and select a page in the navigation, the page comes with the correct translated content - however, the menu changes from the Spanish-translated navigation menu to the English.

We are using Page Builder and Translate for Page Builder, so since each content element can be translated with the "Translate" module, I don't see a need to use associations for multi-language content. I also want to make sure that the default is English content so if we have missing translated content, the default will still display something and it's not a 404.

Can someone please advise and let me know what I am doing wrong?
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Re: Multi-Language Menu Reverts when Selecting a Page

Post by imanickam » Tue Aug 03, 2021 3:06 am

Welcome to Joomla Forum!

Reviewed the site.

Please check whether the menu module for each of the languages has been assigned to appropriate language. Also, make sure that the menu module that shows the menu that contains the Default menu item (identified by a Golden Yellow Star and assigned to ALL languages) has been unpublished.

In the back-end, publish the Administrator module "Multilingual Status" is published. Once it is published you would notice a link "Multilingual status" in the status bar. Click on the link and it would show the status of various multi-lingual settings.

I would recommend associating all the objects such as articles. Without the association, if a particular associated page is not available, the system would show the Home page of the selected language.

Make sure the plugin "System - Language Filter" has been Enabled.
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