unwanted default language suffix added by the language switcher

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unwanted default language suffix added by the language switcher

Post by cyrilthibout » Thu Mar 16, 2023 1:51 pm

On a FR/EN joomla 3 website we set up the language filter plugin so that the default language doesn't use the language suffix.

However the links that are generated by the language switcher module still have the default language suffix.

For instance : in the website French is the default language. The French "about us" page is then /apropos and the english one is /en/about-us

But in the /en/about-us page the language filter module displays a /fr/apropos link instead of just /apropos

Of course /fr/apropos is automatically redirected to /apropos but we still have both urls in the site which is not SEF

How can we have the language switcher module display the real urls please?

thanks for your ideas

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