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Assign Templates to multiple languages - RTL

Post by joomleb » Fri Jun 28, 2019 5:37 am

Hi guys,
right now in Joomla we can assign Templates, Modules, just to one specific language.
A way to assign a template / module to more then a single language It would help save a lot of work, avoiding creating unnecessary templates copies for example.

Please, let see this video example (using Helix Ultimate template + SP Page Builder) ... biQyI/view

Case Example: I run a multilanguage Joomla site, 10 languages, where 3 are RTL languages.
Not having special needs, instead to create a Template for each language I could have just the a LTR Template (assigning it to the 7 LTR languages) and a RTL Template (assinging it to the 3 RTL languages).

As far as you know, Is there any way to do it ?
What is your opinion ?

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Re: Assign Templates to multiple languages - RTL

Post by imanickam » Fri Jun 28, 2019 6:13 am

Just a clarification: We need not create separate for template for each language. It is suggested that each language be assigned to specific template style for convenience and for creating different look & feel (if desired).

In fact, there could be just one template style that could be used as a default template style. If the template is designed correctly, depending upon the language used, it can behave as LTR or RTL template.

Also, not all the modules be duplicated. For example, some of the modules such as login, footer, and so forth, there could be just one module of each type assigned to "All languages". They will display the appropriate languages based on the language selected.
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Re: Assign Templates to multiple languages - RTL

Post by infograf768 » Fri Jun 28, 2019 10:32 am

Using different template styles per language can be very useful.
Not only concerning specific items like logo, header, etc. but also because it is not anymore necessary to select specific menus to be displayed by this template style, except if one needs to add some, specifically some set to ALL languages.
I.e. one could have a menu containing menu items set to All languages, displayed by a menu module set to ALL and decide if one or more of these menu items should not be displayed when using a specific template style i.e. depending of the language.

When one uses templates like Helix (if I remember well) or other similar framework templates, it is absolutely necessary to have one per language as one has to define the menu containing the default Home page for that language in the template style. Therefore it is impossible to assign the same template style to more than one language.
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