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dynamic text translation

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2020 5:27 pm
by mixtico
Hi All,
We created a site/portal with Joomla and we needed to use an ecommerce component in order to manage items selling by different sellers. Unfortunately the component developers are not so smart, so we are trying to find a solution by ourselves.
Each seller can buy a plan on our site and create a mini-site with his products, with related descriptions, properties and prices.
Our site contains the usual static parts as well, as FAQ, Where we are, Who we are, etc.
We would like to handle the translation of these static articles through the multilanguage system integrated in Joomla (creating manually the same article for each language), but we can't handle the dynamic content created by each seller (potentially every day each seller could access his section and modify the titles, properties, or the descriptions of the items into his mini-site).
Hence, we are searching something which let us be free to handle manually the static content, and translate instead automatically all the dynamic content typed by the seller.
It seems something easy, reading the post on internet, but in our case this is becoming a war film! :'(
Can anyone kindly suggest me how can I handle the translation on a such scenario?
thanks in advance


Re: dynamic text translation

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2020 7:28 am
by waarnemer
you write your own plugin that runs the dynamic content on save through a translation app.
"on save" is an event that can be picked up by a plugin.

or you write a plugin that runs it through the translate api on render.

google translate and also other translation services offer api and sometimes even allow you to modify the dictionaries so it speaks your business jargon instead of the generics.

the danger in automatic translation is you may end up offending you potential customers without knowing.

Re: dynamic text translation

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2020 12:15 pm
by GerogescuM
You can give a try to this Joomla extension ... translate/ .
You should anyway check the quality of the translations.