Long URLs with catergory aliases, etc showing up in searches

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Long URLs with catergory aliases, etc showing up in searches

Postby gnostic19 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:54 pm

I have a massive site that has many articles organized inside a few categories. I build my sitemap with Jsitemap Pro based on the menus and they category blogs and articles pages that they point to.

When i do searches in google i get these long stringed URL that appear to be based on various category names, but they URLs contain categories and menus that are not always related AND seemingly randomly sourced, though that can't be the case since it's getting pulled from SOMEWHERE. My site is not intentionally orghanized this way, but this are some of the URLs that get indexed by google.

Here is a redacted example with what i believe are the sources of the URL parameters that replace the actual aliases:

http://sitenamee.com/menu-alias/article-alias or menu-alias/561-category/category-alias/category-alias/category-alias/1894-article-alias

The actual webpage will then show a variety of articles in it, some from various categories, and it varies depending on the search result and the particular URL. It all just depends on what search i did in google.

By default i have the entirely of my menus, categories and articles set to INDEX, FOLLOW. My question is...where are these URLs getting pulled from? Are they from categories that i need top change to "No Index, No Follow/Follow" or is it related to the Menu?

I appreciate any assistance with this issue...

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