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Page One Secret

Post by jeffhoneyager » Wed Nov 13, 2019 4:27 pm

I've been on this forum 3 months after Joomla was released and I'm still a Joomla! Intern :(

Maybe it is time to give a little. Here is how I get all of my SEO clients on page 1. It is based off of Google's rules for ranking. Google wants (1) authoritative content that is (2) unique and (3) the site is updated on a regular basis.

From those simple rules, you can rock google. Many clients have local businesses and want to get noticed locally - I use the "J. Peterman" technique.

Do you remember Seinfeld? J. Peterman (John O'Hurley) had a clothing catalog and was Elaine's boss. He often waxed on about his adventures while Elaine rolled her eyes. They went something like this, "Ahh, I remember the time I spent with a pigmy tribe in the amazon, I was wearing a stunning Safari Shirt with Desert Olive epaulettes..."

Initial Work:

Find all the cities or towns that are driving distance to the client. Make a list. In Joomla:
- Create a category called "locations"
- Create sub-categories with the name of the city under "locations"
- Create a menu item (category blog) with the city name.
- Place the menu module at bottom module position across the page
- Display the menu on every page.

Steps Every Month:

1) Select a city / town near the client
2) Write an article about the client's product or service (only one product or service)
3) Weave information about the city or town into the article
4) Be sure to include the city/town name in the title and Meta Description
5) Assign the article to that city's category

Repeat these steps every month with a different product or service or city/town.

So, if the client has 5 products and there are 10 towns within range...
There will eventually be 5 articles on the site for each town or 50 articles total.

Google eats this up. And the SERP sticks because you are continually adding content: novel, unique, relevant and updated regularly.
Peace & Joy, Jeff Honeyager
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Re: Page One Secret

Post by changlee » Wed Nov 13, 2019 4:58 pm

The SEO issue is more at the Quility of the Code. Setup the Joomla to work fast and nice at full traffic. Optimise your theme and use the simple content optimization techniques with unique content.

Just this!
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