think my upgrade has been done wrong and affecting rankings

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seaside man
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think my upgrade has been done wrong and affecting rankings

Post by seaside man » Sun Aug 04, 2013 4:01 pm

Hi, just been going through my google webmaster tools and i have found a number of soft 404 errors and was shocked to see these redirects going to my home page.

URL Response Code Detected 1 staging1/jupgrade2/component/k2/item/475-gastric-band-hypnotherapy-expert-says-government-are-not-doing-enough-to-fight-obesity







I would have thought that the developer who upgraded my site would have either had these blocked or directed them to the correct page. i am now guessing that there are going to be hundreds of these appearing and would like some serious advice.

normally with old pages i would have them going to the relevant articles or pages but it seems the developer has redirected hundreds of these to my home page, which i guess is going to confuse google. i would like to know if this will confuse google have all these pages going to my home page.

i have tried to find out where the developer in my site has redirected the pages as they are not in my htaccess file, i use joomla. can anyone let me know what i should be doing with these to solve the problem

the problem i have is, these upgrade files like this one


this is a live article, so google is seeing the live url address which is ... ht-obesity

and then they are seeing the upgrade file which is,/staging1/jupgrade2/component/k2/item/475-gastric-band-hypnotherapy-expert-says-government-are-not-doing-enough-to-fight-obesity

all the upgrade files have been redirected to my home page, not sure this is right.
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