Google snippets totally off

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Joomla! Fledgling
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Google snippets totally off

Post by Zelos » Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:13 pm

Hey there,
I just tried searching for my site with Google and I was kinda surprised what the search engine finds there. If you're searching for my site "" (without .com you won't find what I mean) I get these results:
M.E.S. Records - Home
Frontpage. produkt-longchicken_blank.jpg. ... _blank.jpg. produkt-xtralongchilicheese.jpg.
Fruit Shop Site
Main Promo Images. Zelda. jo zelda son bisschen komponiert... alles easy np. Mario Kart. Jaja Mario Kart ...
General - MES Records
10.08.2013 - Main Promo Images. Zelda. jo zelda son bisschen komponiert... alles easy np. Mario Kart.
Now the first one is the front page and... well, you can see that the description outright sucks. It's using the file names from images that were in the slide show before. They're not even on the server anymore. I want the description I entered in "Metadata description" in the backend to show there - but it just doesn't.

The other two are even worse. The second one is from the sample data that doesn't even exist on the server anymore. I deleted it a week ago or something like that. How the heck do I get this out of the system?
The third one is also pointing to a site that's not even there anymore.

Does anyone know what I can do here?
I already entered the Meta data in the global configuration but Google just doesn't seem to care. It just takes some image file names and puts them right in the description. And it indexes some sites that aren't even there anymore.


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