Content credits to sister website

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Content credits to sister website

Postby goble » Tue Dec 05, 2017 7:49 am


I am developing a new joomla website on (india), I am taking all contents from the sister company which is (Germany) (both sites are in English).

The contents are found in modules, k2 items and joomla articles.

Is there an easy way to tell google to credit for all contents of The reason is that I don't want to be penalized because of plagiarism.

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Re: Content credits to sister website

Postby dannykid91 » Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:08 pm

You can go to fiverr and hire writers with similar content content on the old site. If the content is the same two pages you will be penalized

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Re: Content credits to sister website

Postby AmieJTomasini » Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:54 pm

I would rather hire a content writer to create new fresh contents for my company website. Yes, you can credit the sister website and not get penalized. Duplicate content penalty is for having duplicate pages with same content on a website.

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Re: Content credits to sister website

Postby storm77 » Mon Dec 18, 2017 6:16 pm

You need to rewrite your content to avoid content duplicates in google

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Re: Content credits to sister website

Postby luisalves » Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:59 pm

Hi Goble!
When you copy articles, you add source URL article to sister website → submit to Google, you don't will be penalized because of plagiarism because you are building really your BRAND.
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View topic about tag menu and duplicate content when moving or copy all contents to new site:
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Re: Content credits to sister website

Postby Johnhill1 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:08 am

I think Yes, You can copy the content from wherever you want to, but you should give due recognition to the lawful author. Either take his permission first or give proper citation w.r.t. sources to avoid any claims of copyright infringement.

You can use rel=Canonical tag to give to proper credit to the main source website.

Do check out a Full article about this at Quicksprout Blog. Post title - "Should You Repost Your Blog Content on Other Websites? "

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Re: Content credits to sister website

Postby Webdongle » Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:29 am

You can edit the template or you can put a custom module in a module position. As for duplicating content and Google ... snake oil.

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