When will Joomla fix canonicals?

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When will Joomla fix canonicals?

Post by pAnd0rA » Wed Dec 05, 2018 11:55 am

Canonicals in the SEF Plugin have been around for quite a while, but unfortunately the implementation is just wrong.

It's not enough to simply grab the current URL and add it as canonical, like the SEF plugin apparently does. In fact, it's not just "not enough", it's pretty wrong and may rather trash your ranking. Is there any chance for this to get fixed at some point?

What is the sense of rel="canonical"?
If you have multiple URLs pointing to the same content (which is the case in Joomla), the canonical tag shall be used to point to the ONE URL, that is supposed to be "correct"/indexed. Otherwise, crawlers like Googlebot might be tricked into identifying those URLs as duplicate content and penalize you for it.

What's happening in Joomla?
So I enable canonicals by adding https://www.mysite.com in the SEF Plugin. Now, let's say there is a category blog called "promotions":
https://www.mysite.com/promotions -> generated canonical: "https://www.mysite.com/promotions"
https://www.mysite.com/promotions/ -> generated canonical: "https://www.mysite.com/promotions/"
https://www.mysite.com/index.php?option ... blog&id=11 -> generated canonical: "https://www.mysite.com/index.php?option ... blog&id=11"
https://www.mysite.com/promotions/?say=what -> generated canonical: "https://www.mysite.com/promotions/?say=what"

where all those canonicals should point to https://www.mysite.com/promotions
So all those self-referencing canonicals do not only not tell Google the proper URL and which other versions to disregard, they even tell Google "hey, I'm the proper URL", therefore Google will very likely treat them as distinctively separate URLs with duplicate content.

While we're covering category blog: paginated content, such as https://www.mysite.com/promotions?start=15 will get "https://www.mysite.com/promotions" as canonical, which is also wrong, as Google et al will therefore likely not index anything beyond page 1. In case of pagination, the canonical tag should be replaced by rel="next" and rel="prev" respectively.
e.g. https://www.mysite.com/promotions?start=15 (let's say, we have 5 articles/page) should not have a canonical at all, but
<link rel="prev" href="https://www.mysite.com/promotions?start=10">
<link rel="next" href="https://www.mysite.com/promotions?start=20">

in it's <head> section (first page should only have a rel="next" and last one only a rel="prev").
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Re: When will Joomla fix canonicals?

Post by lefteriskavadas » Wed Dec 05, 2018 5:50 pm


Joomla only adds a canonical link if you have specified a domain in the SEF plugin. The purpose of this plugin is to provide a canonical link when the site is served under multiple domains. That's the reason it's not working as it should. If you want canonical links for your pages you have to use a third-party plugin from the extensions directory.

Joomla Extensions https://www.firecoders.com/



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