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SEF plugin to Joomla SEF

Post by talkativetaurus » Fri Jul 05, 2019 4:48 pm

Hi all, i have been using the plugin SEF wizard by and it works well. But i was thinking if i turn on SEF url in Joomla itself (as i think the new version supports it out of the box) will my other url link work wrongly ?

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Re: SEF plugin to Joomla SEF

Post by CyrusXxX » Fri Jul 05, 2019 7:31 pm

Hello talkativetaurus, answer to this depends on how you have set up your sef component to generate urls.
If the current urls generated by sef component use same aproach and not modify Joomla way of displaying urls it can work.

But generally speaking what sef components are generating can be reproduced with Joomla only with few additional steps.
Here is one example:

Let us imagine that you have blog on your website and on that blog you would like to remove category part in url so that article would look like instead of alias you simply have to create new menu containing menu items with single article view and article itself will inherit it.Users are often using sef components to do the same work but it can be done with just Joomla and little thinking/planning.

So if you are determianted to remove your sef component you can do it even if urls are not the same after switching sef component off simply by playing with menu items.

Give us few examples of your urls and I will give you few tips. ;)
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