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WT quickstarter templates

Post by smunjas » Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:07 am


Two weeks ago, due to Black Friday, I purchased a WarpTheme yearly membership cause I'm using their wt_garden_free theme on several webpages.
SP Page Builder comes as integrated part in quickstarter. Basic version. It doesn't allow you to disable module position (at least not to me). But that's not my point here...
While getting familiar with full templates specifications I ran into a several obstacles. Most important is disappearing of UniteSlider module. It happened cause there were several jQuerys as a product of SP Page Bulider internal structure. That's fine, I don't mind. It's a complex job and things like this are natural. I'm not an expert on programming, only using Joomla! CMS as my tool for webpage creation 10 years from now and still, I'm just a beginner.

What disappoints me is support. I've send several emails on WarpTheme address and basically nothing. I've received an email after 3 days with a counter question (something about changing one color field - nothing complicated but I've wanted to have a little interaction with support. You know, we'll be hanging for a year - it's nice when you have a good support! You feel more comfortable. On this for me very important subject - a slider disappearance - they didn't sent a single respond. Not one. They did charge me with 56$ for a year membership. That's not fer. That's not all. UniteCMS, creators of UniteSlider, did help. Their support, on the other hand, is great. Thank you Igor! They told me what seems to be the problem. I tried to contact SP Page Builder, but they only have a forum who requires some of purchasing options (30+$ lower offer) in order to ask your question.

People, I don't know what to do next. I've solved slider issue. But what if a client orders me a certain webpage - a quickstarter that I have - and something happens again. It's one thing when it's not working on my private domain but entirely another when it's public and commercial.

Please, help me find a way... Thank you!

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