Module Assignment subfolders / child items

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Module Assignment subfolders / child items

Post by joomleb » Tue Oct 08, 2019 10:21 pm

Hi guys,
Example case:

- using Joomla (SEF URLs enabled) + (let me say) Extension "X"
- I add the Extension "X" menu item, so, clicking on I have back the Extension "X" dashboard page
- I want to add a Module "Z" only to that page, so I publish it with "Module "Z" > Module Assignment > Only on the Pages selected: Extension "X" menu item"

- Now, with the Extension "X" through its dashboard page I can create "Extension "X" content that generates URLs (SEF in this case) like
- But my setting is "Module Assignment > Only on the Pages selected: Extension "X" " - I don't want to show the Module in the subfolders URL / child items

In my opinion while "On all Pages expect those selected" setting should include subfolders / child items,
with "Only on the Pages selected" should always work without subfolders / child items, or the "only" will never be "only"

Am I missing anything ?
Please, Do you have any suggestion on how to have it displaying only in the selected page ?

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