Gantry 5 template: adding another whole page element as top?

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Joomla! Intern
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Gantry 5 template: adding another whole page element as top?

Post by djcaptpln880 » Sun Sep 19, 2021 8:47 pm


I am running Gantry 5 Joomla

THe template I have, as you can see in the attachment image, shows the element at the top with the whole page layout.

Then you see the elements wih 3 columns in the middle.

Is it easy/possible to add another element BELOW the 3 columns that make it so its like the top with whole page layout?

This would be similar to the footer already existing, but I need to add another element just like header above the 3 columns AND the footer.

I want to make it so I can add another whole page element that spans across the screen BELOW the 3 column layou, but doesn't use the 3 column layout AND is ABOVE the footer.
Screenshot at 2021-09-19 16-43-43.png
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