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[solved] module linking to a particular module position

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 9:01 am
by nyaruko
Hi, I have bumped into another problem, and I was wondering if anyone can help me with the issue.

Now, I have a "module A" loaded in the "sidebar" module position on the left-hand side of a page, and when the link is clicked on module A, the content is loaded on the right module position on the same page, as any module should be.
However, when opening the page which module A is placed, right half of the page remains empty, as it is not associated with any items, and I would like to load latest article in a category into the right module position with "module B," as default contents on the right-hand side.
| module A | module B |
| (module A1) | (article) | *module A# is link to article with introtext
| (module A2) | |

Now, I have tried to do just that, but when the link is clicked on the module A, the contents appear below the contents of module B, which is something I would like to change: I would like the content of module A to overwrite the content of module B on the right.

Is there any method in which the module A link to be targeted into a particular module position?
I have googled the topic with no avail, and your help would be greatly appreciated.

[solved] module linking to a particular module position

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2013 3:00 am
by nyaruko
Problem solved.

Module A is assigned to sidebar from "Module Manager" - "module" - "Menu Assignment" into "article 1", and the module to load an article, in this case, "mod_insertarticle", to load "article 2" into "article 1".
This way, contents of "article 1" is overwritten by whatever the contents specified from module A.

Only problem is, that "article 2" to be the latest article in a category, so it would update automatically, but that is something else I have to figure out somewhere down the line.

Cheers, anyhow.