Combination Between 3 Components

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Combination Between 3 Components

Post by mauriestate » Tue Apr 16, 2013 5:37 pm

Hi Everyone,

We are currently facing some difficulties to find a proper solution to solve our main issue, we are currently developing a golf advertising community portal using Joomla 3.0.3 in combination with these other components:

Content Builder 0.9.2 (build 241)
Contact Enhanced 3.0.6
Breezingforms 1.8.2

So, now is our scenario of what we want to achieved:

We are using Content Builder in connection with Breezingforms to build a golf resort listing directory, we need to provide the contact information of the author and also a simple booking form where visitors can send inquiries directly to article authors, for this, we want to use Contact Enhanced.

Now, the issue is that, to embed the author contact details in Content Builder articles, we need to provide a plugin code such as {loadcontact id=|ID| } where ID is the ID of the contact created in Contact Enhanced.

In Breezingforms, we can use some JFactory codes to automatically generate user details through php, such as

Code: Select all

<?php return JFactory::getUser()->get('name'); ?>
and since we do not want to add the contact ID on each generated article and each time a user add a new article, we want to have a similar php code that can auto-generate the contact ID of the author from Contact Enhanced when the author saves and article so that this is automatically added to the article.

Can anyone please guide us through this so that we can find a solution for this?


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