JCE Editor issues when copy-pasting from notepad

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Re: JCE Editor issues when copy-pasting from notepad

Postby FinlayFinlay » Sat Aug 12, 2017 1:27 pm

I've just got back from a trip and have not been able to conduct any serious testing but I just went into a client's site, updated JCE to version 2.6.19 and pasted in:

Code: Select all

You'll need to bring the following:

it produces:

Code: Select all

<p>You'll need to bring the following:<br />Notebook<br />Pencils<br />Calculator</p>

so the duplicated first sentence is gone and and the line breaks are faithfully replicated.

So, it seems a fix has been applied! Excellent news.

I'm obliged to all of you who contributed constructive help and took the time to test for the problem. Congratulations on a positive result for group cooperation.

Kind regards

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Re: JCE Editor issues when copy-pasting from notepad

Postby Kotsolis » Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:38 pm

After the latest JCE Editor upgrade the bugs with double texts appearing have been solved. However, there is still one more bug with the previous version (that occured when we upgraded to Joomla v3).

When we create any news item, we simply have about 2 empty lines at the top of the big text box (main text)! This happens all the time in almost 50% of articles.

In the pictures that you see before, this is an article which we wrote without leaving a gap. The gap was created by itself. I think that this happens to all articles that have a [youtube] video! When we post a [youtube] video link in our articles, the video plays as embed by itself. We also use JReviews. But we haven't changed anything in JCE Editor core files. We even installed the latest version a few days ago. Please look and fix it:



Also someone who knows the JCE Editor developers, please send them this message. I can't contact them, their website doesn't let me send them a message.

Thank you.
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