Is it possible to share JomSocial content in a front page ticker?

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Is it possible to share JomSocial content in a front page ticker?

Postby lastevns » Sun Aug 13, 2017 3:39 am

I have two sites under One is Joomla and it's our public-facing, non-member website. The other is JomSocial and it is a paid-member site with a login.

I would like to take some of the content posted in our JomSocial groups and share it in a newsticker on our public-facing, non-member Joomla website.

The issue seems to be that all the tickers I've seen base their content selection on categories. And JomSocial posts are not given categories (at least I don't give that content a category). So, here's my question:

Is there any Joomla news ticker extension that can pull content from JomSocial?

I have asked this question on JomSocial support forums and on their new parent site support forum at JoomlArt. The JomSocial guys said they couldn't understand what I was asking for but they were sure they didn't make anything like it. JoomlArt support hasn't answered yet. So I thought I would try here since... well... people here are usually more supportive. Thanks!
I'm seriously grateful for the help offered here. It's amazing how willing people are to help. To those who are more negative... please understand, I'm just here trying to learn.

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