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Joomla! Ace
Joomla! Ace
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Simple component for asking questions

Post by Ironside » Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:13 pm

Can anyone recommend a component that allows people to ask a question rather than having to sign up and use of forum which can end up using a lot of resources?
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Re: Simple component for asking questions

Post by wwhite » Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:54 pm

Search the JED for "Question and Answer" and you will find several extensions that range from blog entries w comments to full featured components that are forums or look like them. Most will probably require logged in users.
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Re: Simple component for asking questions

Post by AMurray » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:43 am

Agree, as @wwhite suggested, and some links to ideas suggested below.

To clarify, is this question-and-answer idea going to be (a) a live chat one-to-one, (b) a support ticket system or (c) a static FAQ list (that you as site owner/operator will build) or (d) a dynamic FAQ that grows as users submit questions and you provide answers?

1) The FAQ idea could be a list you (as site operator/owner) build yourself, or dynamic as in users submit questions and the answers are public to all - ... ation/faq/

2) Do you simply want a form, that sends an email to you, that you then respond back to in your own time. ... act-forms/

3) a Help-ticket system? There are many varieties and options. The ticket system might require a log on but thats so you can track a ticket's progress and the conversation between the user and support. ... help-desk/

Are you anticipating a busying site - to the point of the "lots of resources used" as you mentioned? If that's the case you need to consider the hosting service you're using e.g. shared vs VPS or similar.

I mean on the level of engagement from users, such as Joomla's own forum, I'm sure that's "moderate" in its usage really but you see many dozens of posts across a couple of dozen sub-forums and many people responding to questions.
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