General principle in development in Joomla environment

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General principle in development in Joomla environment

Post by vientito » Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:42 pm

From what I understand so far, one has to make an installation file to load any development codes onto the joomla directory. Then we run and test our codes inside an IDE environment to weed out the bugs before production. As yet the resulting codes have to go back to the package eventually.

But how do I export the polished codes back to my package to ensure all are accounted for? If I am working with a complicated project involving tens or hundreds of files, how do I actually make absolutely sure my project codes are all exported back to my package in a hierarchy that I want them to reside. What about the files that I am working on the system? How do I get rid of their presence once I am done with them? Do I have to manually remove them one after the other?

I have not yet started working on any given IDE environment but is this process already taken care of in any reputable IDE software?

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Re: General principle in development in Joomla environment

Post by pe7er » Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:59 pm

My workflow:

As IDE I use PHPStorm (commercial software) + git + a LAMP stack.
I have installed Joomla on my local PC.
I've installed CodeSniffer
and use Joomla's Coding Standards:

In PHPStorm I create a new project, e.g. Joomla Component. It creates an empty project with Joomla 3 component structure that is made using the boilerplate from

After that I create a subfolder /code/
and put the component administrator files in /code/administrator/components/com_mycomponent
the front-end component files in /code/administrator/components/com_mycomponent
and the media files in /code/media/com_mycomponent

I configured PHPStorm to always upload changes in /code/ to the local Joomla development environment.
To install my component in Joomla, I use Extensions > Manage > Discover

I use git and add all code to a remote repository.
When I want to distribute my own component, I just have to create a package from my code in the /code/ folder.
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