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j2Store. flat rate shipping international

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:19 pm
by stuffdone
Good day...Thanks in advance for any and all constructive replies !

I need to set up simple rule for shipping but seem to run into a bottle neck finding an answer in official documentation for J2Store about this.

1) USA Free shipping. ( not a problem..done )
2) Anywhere not in USA a single flat rate.

When I try to use the "default shipping methods" and then to create flat rate I am then presented with selecting a Geozone. But what Geozone is EVERY country except USA?

I can only find a place to manually add hundred of individual nations with tax zones and all that crap I have no need for.

Anyone figure out how to do this please let me know the trick! Please don't say ask the developer as that is NOT an answer to my question. I often don't get timely response and they have basically shut down their own community forms for support. >:(


Re: j2Store. flat rate shipping international

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 7:10 pm
by annahersh
Are you using the commercial version 3.3.4?

He closed the public support forum because there were no voluntary contributors and he ended up spending many professional hours responding to inquiries. You'll get immediate and useful support with a paid subscription.

This guide assumes you have the pro version.
Have you setup Geozones in Localization > Geozones? Create an entry named International then add all the countries you wish to ship to.

Go to Setup > Shipping and click Create/Edit/Link for Standard Shipping Methods
Click New and fill in the fields then save and close (it's the only way to get to the country editing)
In the list view of Standard Shipping, click set rates
Choose the International geozones, add the rate and click Create

Now you have international flat rate shipping.
Here are links to his user guide videos ... ozone.html ... thods.html

Re: j2Store. flat rate shipping international

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 7:51 pm
by stuffdone
Not using pro version. Subscription expired.
I am trying to avoid having to manually add hundreds of countries as explained in post.

I need a solution that just applies a single flat rate to any order that is NOT shipped to USA without regard to what other nation it is sent to.

Yes I have that option in the cart but it still asks me to create a Geozone and manually populate it with hundreds of nations. I just want to have two options for checkout. USA free shipping ANY WHERE ELSE a flat rate. No need to set up a huge batch of individual nations.