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JComments and introtext

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 8:57 am
by miniil

Hi would like to modify my template to display the last article without 'read more' for featured articles on my home page and also for all articles on my articles page even if a read more is inserted in the article.

I tried a lot of time and I nearly have a solution for featured artciles with changing the file /com_content/fetaured/default_itm but there is something I can't do right because of the component JComments (that I'd like to keep).

Normaly Joomla render the introtext (before the read more button) with

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echo $this->item->introtext

But JComments replace the introtext by the introtext plus all the links (read more, comments).

So I change the code with

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echo $this->item->text . $fulltext;
Because text is the introtext without the links.

But I don't find where JComments replace introtext.

Can you help me to find this?