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Module to show custom PHP code for specific countries

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 11:56 am
by layer8
Hi mates,
I need a module to show custom piece of PHP code only for specific countries.

I was looking on JED and haven't found anything
The only module that is similar to what I need is "Metamod" ,but the GEO filtering is not working in J3.9.15
Maybe because now Maxmind requires a token, and that module hasn't been updated since 05.05.2018

of course, if someone here can share a piece of php code to implement Maxmind GEOIP filtering will help a lot, because I already have a module to run custom php code in frontend, I only need to add the if condition for the country filtering based on two letters country code (btw, the Maxmind Database should update automatically)