Problems following Upgrade to MijoShop 4

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Problems following Upgrade to MijoShop 4

Post by SwissRog » Thu Mar 26, 2020 8:12 am

Hi Guys. I've posted this to MiwiSoft's ticketing system, but have had no response in a few days ... maybe some kind soul might be able to help me here...

I upgraded from MijoShop 3.x to 4.x last weekend (don't worry, on a non-productive site) and got the component to run after a while (issues with truncated users, see below). However, even though the database contents (orders, customers, etc.) seem to show on the backend widget in the control center, I can see only the orders within the component. Here's what I posted to MiwiSoft:


- even though I can see the last purchases in the admin widget on the backend page (so the database is being accessed), the component itself does not show customers, products, etc. It does, however, show users, which is odd.
- the user names seem to have been truncated during the upgrade, so my user name has been shortened by three letters. Why is that and can it be fixed)
- the main reason for upgrading was to be able to take advantage of the Captcha functionalities, which should be built in. How can I activate them?


Any ideas out there?


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