Menu, publication and online shop confusion

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Menu, publication and online shop confusion

Post by profy00 » Sat May 16, 2020 10:58 am

Hello, everybody!
I'm trying to "build" a site with some requirements that really confuse me because everything that I'm trying to do doesn't work.
I have to create 3 items in main menu with at least two submenu elements each (at least 6 articles on the website) and on of the menu items, its submenu elements and articles available only for registered users(there i have to create a user, no big deal creating a user) and one more thing, an online shop(hikashop) containing at least 6 products with pictures, description and prices, at least 2 delivery methods, at least 2 payment methods, at least 2 vouchers available.
I would greatly appreciate your help because you guys are more experienced than me so please help a little guy
Have a nice day!
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Re: Menu, publication and online shop confusion

Post by AMurray » Sun May 17, 2020 12:24 am

For creating menu items to articles, refer to ... an_Article.

From here you can set the "parent" item for the child menu item as relevant for each one.

You can also set the Access, being "registered" for normal front-end users of the site; other access levels are for specific functions and user types.

In the articles, you also need to specify the "Access",set to "registered".

For Hika Shop use I would suggest referring to their documentation and forum.
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