1st Install 3.7.2. not finished correctly

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1st Install 3.7.2. not finished correctly

Post by hurud75 » Tue Jun 13, 2017 11:56 am

Hello, the installation of the package 3.7.2. with a mysql db did not finish correclty. All previous elements (sql db login,etc) in the set-up steps were ok (all green in the final check before installation), the installation did only run through the first step (create new database) so i saw in the mysql db quiet some tables have been created (which i deleted again to try again), but even after several attempts the install process stopped and did not finish.
Now in addition the install page via the browser (firefox and chrome) does not show correctly anymore.

One aspect that i noticed is that when pushing the extracted install package from local pc to the ftp , there were files marked as "already" existent and therefore skipped (i reuploaded the packages individually and opted for "include again" for all double marked files)... so basically is this a common issue with a clear fix or best just start over and try again? many thanks ;)


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