deny creating category but allow creating article

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deny creating category but allow creating article

Post by whitecrane » Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:39 pm

I have been presented with a client question that I do not think possible, but now my curiosity is peaked and I've been fiddling with permissions on one of my test sites.

My client wants to deny a group from creating new categories, but allow them to create and edit articles. The reason is because a group of her editors keep making new categories, and then wonder where the "article" is that they just created.

She wants her carpenters to work within a certain house, but she doesn't want them creating new houses.

Of course, when I deny the create permissions globally in the content component, I can't "undeny" the create permission within a given category, or within certain categories.

Has anyone encountered this before? Would anyone know of a possible solution?

I appreciate your feedback in advance. Thank you!


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