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Menu List of categories without view rights.

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 3:09 pm
by MarioMari

Description of the situation:
1. A category tree (Articles) with sub-categories and Articles.
2. Subcategories with access rights for many different users in several separate groups.
3. Menu Menu Item Type: Category List
  with access for all users.

Each user can see a list of all categories and sub-categories also outside of their access group.
Access rights are respected, i.e. each user can view the watch only the allowed subcategory.

Question. Why are the categories displayed in the list without access rights?

The system should display a list only with a view of the categories and subcategories available to the user. This raises many problems.

I want to Display only the categories and sub-categories assigned to the access group for the logged in user in the menu.

Best Regards.