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Hide groups for higher levels

Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 9:20 pm
by frighten
Hi all

I have a site that needs four levels of access.
  • Super Admin - That is me.
  • Admins - My colleagues at the office that should be able to do almost anything.
  • Site Managers - Some specials persons at clients office that have normal Registered access, but also access to enter the user management section in the backend.
  • Registered - A normal site user that can use a certain function at the site's frontend.
My issue is with the Site Manager group. The access itself works perfectly and they can only see the User Management section in the Backend as well as create and edit users. The thing is that they should only be able to create/add/edit users to the Registered Group. Whatever I try I could not remove the check box for the other groups, which I feel a bit strange. I do not wish to hard remove them since an Admin user should still be able to add to any group.

I have seen the same issue posted earlier while ago, so am very sorry to bring it up again. But since I did not find any solution that was satisfied enough I am bringing the question back to life.

Best regards,

Re: Hide groups for higher levels

Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 11:49 pm
by sozzled
As you have observed, the issue lies with "site managers" (as you call them) being able to administer users. User administration is an activity typically undertaken by administrators. Managers, typically, can access the backend for the purposes of creating, editing, publishing/unpublishing and/or trashing/deleting Joomla articles. That's the normal way that J! is set up.

Extending the user management activities to managers is not an impossible task but it's a little tricky. It requires modifying the component access. There's are some general articles on these kinds of activities but they require a bit of patience and experimentation to achieve exactly what people may require:
I can't give you a definitive solution because this has not come up in the work that I do. Perhaps someone else may be able to fill in the gaps. Good luck and cheers. :)