5 menus - 3 access levels

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Joomla! Apprentice
Joomla! Apprentice
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5 menus - 3 access levels

Post by Martin_Web » Mon Sep 14, 2020 9:06 am

I have a comprehension question.

• Website with 5 menus (topics).
• Each menu is a category blog
• Fluctuating number of "editorial users" with different access levels to each menu (article category).

a) create article: User is allowed to create an articel, but not publishing it-
b) publish article: User is allowed to publish articles
c) Edit: Full access: create, edit, publish

I know Joomla supports all this. I've been workimg with ACLs and it works like charme.

My question here is: Do I need to create three user groups for each menu (article category)? Like:
- Registered
-- menu 1 - create
-- menu 1 - publish
-- menu 1 - edit
-- menu 2 - create
-- menu 2 - publish
-- menu 2 - edit
-- menu 3 - create
-- menu 3 - publish
-- menu 3 - edit

Was this the right way to do?

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Joomla! Master
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Re: 5 menus - 3 access levels

Post by ranwilli » Tue Sep 15, 2020 5:19 am

Martin_Web wrote:
Mon Sep 14, 2020 9:06 am
I have a comprehension question.


Was this the right way to do?
In my long experience with Joomla, I have seldom found "THE" right way to do a specific task.

Rather, I have found that there are almost always more than one method that will work...

So my comment is: if it works and it's not a pain where you sit, don't waste time trying to find a more elegant solution.

Congratulations on arriving at ONE of the solutions. Good Luck!
Don't HACK the Joomla! core, Instead "Extend" and/or "Override."
Stay ON the update path.

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Joomla! Ace
Joomla! Ace
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Re: 5 menus - 3 access levels

Post by darb » Tue Sep 15, 2020 6:30 am


There is some very good input info though about Joomla Role based ACL set ups from Corey check this info:

https://www.slideshare.net/careytech/ro ... d-acl-2013

https://tutorial.joomlageek.com/Access- ... er-webinar

And with help of ACL manager you have 100% control https://extensions.joomla.org/extension/acl-manager/

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