There are too many FOF libraries

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There are too many FOF libraries

Post by annahersh » Sat Apr 27, 2019 6:58 pm

The FOF library shipped with Joomla seems to be compiled of non-extendable classes so developers who need a method to process differently just make a duplicate of the entire directory, alter the directory name and ship with their extension.
  • fof - Joomla
  • fof30 - Akeeba
  • f0f - J2Store
This just overloads the file count and poses potential vulnerability if a method is corrected in the Joomla package yet one of the other fof duplicate still has the vulnerable method in use.

There need to be a standardization of the fof library with extendable classes so developers can place their extended libraries in a directory of the extension's name and let there be only one fof belonging to Joomla.
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Re: There are too many FOF libraries

Post by sozzled » Sat Apr 27, 2019 7:08 pm

Yep. I agree. HMVC (implemented—in different ways—as framework-on-framework by Akeeba, Joomla and J2Store and very differently again by Kunena) is non-standardised. I suppose because HMVC was an afterthought when J! 3 came into existence and there wasn't a HMVC working party established to define standards for J! 3. Perhaps it's something that should be investigated while J! 4 is still in alpha development? I don't know. I have to admit that I know beans about HMVC. I think it's too late to do anything now as far as J! 3 is concernced.
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