Pagination - getListFooter() and additionalURLParams

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Pagination - getListFooter() and additionalURLParams

Post by luke1410 » Sat May 15, 2021 8:42 pm


I'm investigating an issue with the pagination handling of a 3rd-party extension atm. For testing purposes I tried the following minimal example (on Joomla 3.9.26):

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$this->pagination->setAdditionalURLParam("test", "foo");
I would expect that the presented href-links in the generated footer html code would contain the set additional URLParam (as in: href="[...]?test=foo") but they don't.

Debugging through the joomla code I see that Pagination.php:getPaginationLinks() adds the data to the passed in list array ('pages' => $this->getPaginationPages()) which contains the link including the additional URLParams. However, when this is passed on to the default layout (joomla.pagination.links) which then renders the individual links using, the template code there doesn't seem to bother about the list of added url parameters and doesn't use the data.

Am I overlooking anything, is it just an incorrect understanding of the pagination design (and omitting the added url parameters is working as intended/by design), or did I run into some bug/design issue in Joomla here?
If this is working as intended, what would be the best practice to work with additional url parameters? Specifying a custom layout which handles this?


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