Module loadin .ini not .sys.ini language file

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Module loadin .ini not .sys.ini language file

Post by jmoelholt » Tue Dec 25, 2018 6:05 pm


I did try to develop a module. When adding language files, the system does not load the .sys.ini language file but only the .ini language file. I use the methode of storing the language files under the module in the language folder.

When i did place the language strings in the .sys.ini file they did not "translate" in the backend, but when i did place the same strings in the .ini file, they did "translate" i.e show in the backend.

It seems that in the backend Joomla does not load the .sys.ini file but uses the .ini file only.

My example:

My language files is under module folder "language/en-GB"

en-GB.mod_hotodcf.sys.ini and en-GB.mod_hotodcf.ini:
MOD_HOTODCF_XML_DESCRIPTION="hotoDCF - Hometoll Display Custom Field"
MOD_HOTODCF_CUSTOMFIELD_DESC="What custom fields should be displayed"
MOD_HOTODCF_OUTPUTEMPTY_DESC="No (default)=Do not display the field - Yes=Display the field even if empty"

mod_hotodcf.xml (cut version):
<filename module="mod_hotodcf">mod_hotodcf.php</filename>
<fields name="params">
<fieldset name="basic">

<field name="hotodcf_customfield" type="text"

Best regards

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