IMPORTANT: Joomla! Security Notifications

Announcements from the Joomla! Project for the attention of all Users. We encourage all Joomla! users to subscribe to this forum or check it regularly.
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IMPORTANT: Joomla! Security Notifications

Post by brad » Wed Oct 29, 2008 4:25 am

On the Internet, security is always a concern. For that reason, you are all encouraged to subscribe to Joomla! Security Announcements for the latest information on releases. You can read the announcements using your favorite feed reader or have announcements emailed to you the moment they are posted in the Security Center.

This is the last security announcement via this forum. In future, all security announcements will be made via the method listed above. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE.

If this is one of your first Web sites, security considerations will no doubt seem complicated and intimidating. There are two simple steps that go a long way towards securing a Web site: regular backups and prompt updates to the latest Joomla! release.

There are many other important security considerations that you can learn about by reading the Security Checklist, and the Security FAQ's.

If you believe your Web site was attacked, do not post in the Joomla! forums. If there is a vulnerability, publishing that information could put other Web sites at risk. Instead, report possible security vulnerabilities to the Joomla! Security Task Force.

Security is largely a Web hosting issue. So, find a good Web host. Consider hiring professional assistance if you have no experience or knowledge in this area. If you wish to ask questions of the community regarding security issues, please do so using the appropriate board (ex., Installation, Migration and Updating, Administration, etc) in the Joomla! Forums.
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