Word about actualization

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Word about actualization

Post by JurajB » Sat Aug 31, 2019 11:03 am

I read upcoming J4 updated support (framework, PHP, SQL, bootstrap).
I wonder how can be supporting older standards effective, because if you limit support of PHP to 7.2 it will have shorter time of life as staying "actual" than when you support newest standards as for example upcoming PHP 7.4, which beta is out now and till J4 make it green will be old and tested and patched enough to make this online as it is for all seriously good hostings. I know there is theoreticaly lack of wide range support but when you are looking in future is in my opinion good to make it actual and wait, rather then limit it because there is not guaranteed support. And as SQL V8 is faster with maybe new good features, so it looks good to use V8 anyway for 5.6 support as it gives more processing speed.
And next idea, how it is with Joomla (now or V4) with JS and what can be done (maybe 1 of 500 experts reading this will figure something out) make some preprogrammed things to show off what and how could it be this or that done anyway here is another way to excell next to the other CSMs.
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