Will J4 add up HAL?

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Will J4 add up HAL?

Post by JurajB » Sat May 23, 2020 2:34 pm

As a web dev noobie who have ambitions to adapt later on (im learning vanilla js, react, jquery, than I might move on to php)
will Joomla 4!
adds up
HAL - Serializes entities using Hypertext Application Language.
This is a drupal option with the drupal original text.

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Re: Will J4 add up HAL?

Post by gws » Sat May 23, 2020 6:25 pm

I guess that you are a younger member of the community and may not recognise the significance of HAL (2001 a space odyssey ). I would rather that this was not implemented in joomla. 8)

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Re: Will J4 add up HAL?

Post by sozzled » Sat May 23, 2020 7:17 pm

Short answer to this question: no.

Longer answer: I spent about half an hour looking at what HAL is. It appears to be a proposal that began its life in 2011 but interest seems to have dissipated around 2016. There's some mention of a "HAL module" in Drupal 8 but to what extent it's used is anyone's guess. You know, when you search for terms like PHP, REST, JSON, etc. then you find hundreds of thousands of references to these things; when you search for Hypertext Application Layer you get about 10,000 hits (and most of those are historical accounts of what "might have been" if people were might have been seriously interested).

As a comparison story, do you remember when there was talk about the Joomla project adopting Nooku? Attempts to introduce the Nooku framework in J!—ultimately the project went with MVC—nearly fractured the development community! Nooku was "forever alpha" software; it never got off the ground.

The main issue with J! 4 at the moment is that J! 4 is still in alpha (after four years)! I think it's more important that we get J! 4 out of the way (that is, release it and see what the market reaction to it is like) before we burden the development team with more bright ideas about what was, or maybe, or yet-to-be the next Big Thing.

I don't know if anyone is even slightly interested in HAL; at best, it seems to have been a curiosity at one time (perhaps in a way like when Microsoft tried to push "Active Channels" in Internet Explorer twenty-something years ago). The lack of interest in HAL, combined with a lack of market use of HAL, means that HAL will not see light of day in J!4. Other, reliable and industry-wide approaches (e.g. JSON) have been a part of J! for a long time. Why add to (or change) that? Where's the demand for it?
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