Joomla launch Claudaccess speed disaster!

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Joomla launch Claudaccess speed disaster!

Post by darb » Mon Aug 26, 2019 5:11 am


I tried to test the new Joomla 4 alpha 11 on CloudAccess with very bad outcome regarding the hosting performance.

As Joomla recommendation is:
"To make it easier for newcomers you can launch a free Joomla 4 website for testing at" ... ha-11.html

The Cloudaccess testing Joomla 4 alpha 11 is a disaster regarding speed and the performance there is like syrup!

If I was a potential user/developer that would like to see test take decision to use Joomla and uses this as an CMS/developer tool evaluation base I will never never working/using Joomla anymore!

How bad is that for Joomla ?

This is a disaster for Joomla image and its better to remove this as it working now or upgrade this with more power regarding cpu, memory and bandwidth etc.

It destroy Joomla brand and market how good/bad Joomla it is with this hosting problem.
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