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Forum Post Assistant instructions

Post by sozzled » Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:58 am

The Forum Post Assistant (FPA) script has been developed to assist people to self-assess their websites. It is also used to provide basic information about the website environment as a pre-formatted forum post for troubleshooting purposes.

This can save many hours of posting back and forth, asking for (and explaining how to obtain) relevant information in order for other forum users to help with problems. The process also means that information is gathered and presented in a consistent manner enabling helpers to quickly target information relevant to the specific problem observed by the user.

For an online, interactive guide to the Forum Post Assistant, see



Use these links to download the FPA:
Download the .zip version or Download .tar.gz version.
NOTE: Do not download the FPA from any other website or links found on the Internet.

Detailed Instructions:
Read the details at

Accuracy and completeness of this script and documentation is not assured and no responsibility will be accepted for any damage, issues or confusion caused by using any FPA versions contained within these branches.

After use:
Please remove the FPA script from your website or otherwise change the filename name after you have used it. This is so outsiders can't take misuse the script to examine the site structure and possibly exploit any weaknesses that may be present.
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