Forum Post Assistant v 1.6.0 (Announcement)

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Forum Post Assistant v 1.6.0 (Announcement)

Post by sozzled » Sat Jun 20, 2020 7:42 am

This month @RussW and the FPA team have been working on several outstanding issues and have released a new and updated version, with a new user interface incorporating many new functions, features, including:

• Print to PDF, so you can pass the output to a 3rd party.
• Simplified and less cluttered forum post generation workflow.
• Automatic checking and notification of the FPA latest version.
• Automatic checking and notification of Joomla! latest release.
• FPA self destruct feature, auto-deleting 7 days after installation.
• Automatic redirection to the https:// site, if a valid SSL certificate is found.
• Hosting Confidence Level indicating the probability of Joomla! successfully running on your server.
• New responsive user interface, including light and night modes.
• Improved Accessibility and html validation.
• Improved FPA report visual print styling.
• Additional performance and security enhancements.

You can read the full presser here: ... -assistant
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