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bug frontend-server

Post by mandville » Fri Dec 11, 2020 11:08 am

The FPA (Forum Post Assistant) Project are looking for volunteers to test a bug-fix (no prodding, poking or jabs required and no pain involved)...

Does your site run behind a frontend-server?

and use SSL, either at the localhost, at the frontend-server or both. (nginx Reverse-Proxy, Cloud Load-Balanced, CDN, Varnish Caching Server or similar)

We've had an issue brought to our attention where the FPA potentially causes a "500" server error following a "too many redirects" message in some configurations where a frontend-server is involved.

We have a proposed solution!

But it needs testing across these configurations and we do not have the physical resources available within the team to confirm the bug-fix in all configurations.

How To Test: Download the development branch of the FPA from the Github "loopProtection" branch ( https://github.com/ForumPostAssistant/F ... Protection ) and simply run it against your site ( FPA Documentation can be found at : https://forumpostassistant.github.io/docs/ )

Tell Us What Happened: If the FPA runs fine and informs you that you are behind a frontend-server without looping, or if the FPA loops, let us know your results at #108 describing your configuration and frontend-server type.

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Re: bug frontend-server

Post by amreeta » Sat Dec 12, 2020 6:36 pm

I ran it on my server (site name) and it didnt gave me any error.
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