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Content Security Policy settings

Post by GewoonR » Tue Oct 03, 2023 8:32 am

Hi there,

Try to make a Content Security Policy using the wizard at a great website called This wizard will show you the detected items on a website. I let it ran for a week and the detected items contained also a lot of 'unsafe-inline', 'unsafe-eval' directives:
  • default-src 'unsafe-inline'
  • script-src-attr 'unsafe-inline'
  • script-src-elem 'unsafe-inline'
  • script-src 'unsafe-eval'
  • script-src 'unsafe-inline'
  • style-src-attr 'unsafe-inline'
  • style-src-elem 'unsafe-inline'
  • style-src 'unsafe-inline'
In my opinion the website will remain vulnerable when putting these in the CSP. Are there specific directives that should have the 'unsafe-inline' or 'unsafe-eval' directives for Joomla 4 to work properly?

Thanks in advance!
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