Can't Create/Modify Links with Default Joomla Editor

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Can't Create/Modify Links with Default Joomla Editor

Post by hjaystevens » Fri Oct 07, 2022 7:49 pm

Using Joomla 4.2.3, PHP 8.1.9. I can't create or modify a link on any page using the standard Joomla editor. If I try to create or modify a link and click on "Contacts", "Contents", Menu" or "Tag" I get a popup message that says:

The server returned an invalid JSON response.

Has anyone experienced this or have an explanation why I can't create/modify a link?

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Re: Can't Create/Modify Links with Default Joomla Editor

Post by AMurray » Sat Oct 08, 2022 12:09 am

Assume by "standard Joomla editor", you mean TinyMCE? (there are three editors included in a default Joomla download).

I can't replicate the issue, running J! 4.2.3, PHP 8.1.11 with TinyMCE, don't know if it's an issue with your specific PHP 8.1.9.

Just for the sake of argument, can you try another article editor? JCE for example:

Perhaps, can you enable:
  • A lower PHP version e.g. 8.0.x
  • the error reporting in global configuration to "maximum"
  • enable Debug in global configuration
  • check error reporting /display errors and debug are enabled in your server (e.g. php.ini file, or thorugh your hosting's control panel)
Post back here any additional errors.

Also it may be useful to run the FPA report (see red box, top of this forum) and post the report results to this thread.
Regards - A Murray

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