Errors after updating to Joomla 4.4.5

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Errors after updating to Joomla 4.4.5

Post by beanie_97 » Mon Jun 10, 2024 7:49 am

Hi there, I hope someone can help me. My web developer is in the process of upgrading my site. We have upgraded to Joomla 4.4.5 in combination with Virtuemart 4.2.4 and PHP 8.1. Previous versions were Joomla 3.10.12, Virtuemart 3.8.0 and PHP 7.4.

Before these upgrades, the site was working OK, just had a lot of bugs. Anyway, since these upgrades (at least, I assume it's to do with one of these updates), I am having strange issues.

I use Multisafepay for particular payments (VISA, Mastercard, Ideal, Sofort). Both my web developer and Multisafepay themselves are able to place orders and be successfully redirected to the Multisafepay page for payment.
When I try to place an order, no matter on PC, phone, IPAD etc, I just get blue screens with various errors. Usually, it's one of the 2 errors attached as screenshot.

I obviously do not know if this is a Joomla error or a VM error, so I will place this message on VM forum too, but perhaps someone has an idea? Nobody else seems to be able to help me. The website is currently live and these are the issues. As soon as I revert back to old site, then everything works fine. Multisafepay keeps telling me it's my network error or DNS settings, but I have changed nothing at all. And as I say, old site works just fine.

Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated as I have no technical knowledge at all about any of this and my web developer doesn't know either :( Many thanks.
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Re: Errors after updating to Joomla 4.4.5

Post by toivo » Wed Jun 26, 2024 9:35 pm

The error message about the class JError shows that one of the third party extensions is not compatible with Joomla 4. Go to the Global Configuration and set the option 'Error Reporting' to 'Maximum' and turn on the option 'Debug System'. These options will display a detailed error message that has the name of the script and the line number, followed by the PHP call stack. Post those details here.
Toivo Talikka, Global Moderator


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