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Extension for Latest Articles and Feature

Post by SPDJoomla4 » Sun Dec 04, 2022 10:36 am

I am currently using the Helix Framework which really doesn’t process the Latest Article module very well or at all. I was told I could delete some stuff and use the CSS stuff from Cassiopeia to make it look better but figure before working through that I would see if anyone could recommend an Joomla 4 compatible extension which would give me the following functionality

- Display 3 rows of 3 articles (or similar) including title, author, intro image and text
Title and Image are linked or at minimum a Read More option
- Article listed based on publication date descending, i.e. the latest
- Works in a module so I can position on home page
- A free option would be ideal but if cost was reasonable… it is a single personal site so huge expense is not practical

If same extension could also handle separate list if Featured articles with similar requirement above except
- Sort order would be modified date or the Featured articles
- Ideally, but not a must have. An option for displaying additional text, not the Intro or Article text so I could have something like “Featured because..”

If I could also maybe display Categories and/or tags might be nice

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