Bootstrap 5 in J4 Core Components and Modules (lack of)

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Bootstrap 5 in J4 Core Components and Modules (lack of)

Post by organicwebs » Wed Oct 13, 2021 8:59 am


Is it true that the Joomla 4 core modules (like mod_menu, mod_login, etc) are not written with Bootstrap in mind? Is there any written with Bootstrap conventions?

I was hoping to use Bootstrap 5 generally for my own developed extensions - and use my own simple Bootstrap 5 template. I was hoping not to tie myself down with a Joomla specific framework when it comes to formatting.

I've been developing Joomla extensions for over a decade. But, as I had to for Joomla 2.5 and 3... it looks like I need to create overides for the core components/modules to continue working with Bootstrap.

I thought Bootstrap was to be integrated with Joomla 4 ? ... in the way Mootools was in the early years.

If I create a Bootstrap (only) template - I'm guessing all future J4 components will have trouble with it.

I think a few other developers are puzzled by all this, considering the hype over Bootstrap.

(Please don't reply regarding using premade templates and components).

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