Front End Login Redirects

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Front End Login Redirects

Post by bubblehead » Mon Feb 26, 2024 7:44 pm

I'm configuring a new website using Joomla 5.0.3 and I configured it to use MFA (Send Code via Email). So far, I am the only site user and, of course, my account is that of the Super Admin.
There is no problem logging into the Admin backend with MFA but attempts to login to the front end are always unsuccessful, returning the error: "This page isn't redirecting properly".
Yes, there is a front-end menu link to Login and, yes, I setup the Login module in the backend.
This website is not my first; I've traveled this trail many times over the years using Joomla, Rockettheme templates, and Community Builder.
I appreciate any hints, comments, and suggestions about this.
Thanks very much!

Site info:
PHP 8.2.15
MySQLi 10.6.17-MariaDB
Default template: rt_studius v 1.1.0
Community Builder 2.9.1

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Re: Front End Login Redirects

Post by JAVesey » Mon Feb 26, 2024 8:10 pm

The same thing happened to me. Check that your Super User account’s privacy and other things haven’t expired. It can happen with other sorts of consent too.

I got around it by:
1. deactivating the MFA on the Super User Account in admin.
2. Logging out of admin and logging into the frontend.
3. dealing with whatever it was/wherever I was redirected after logging in.
5. logging into admin and reactivating the MFA on the account.

See here:

John V
Cardiff, Wales, UK
Joomla 5.0.3 "live" site on PHP 8.2.15 and MariaDB 10.11.7
Joomla 5.0.3 on XAMMP for OSX with PHP 8.2.4 and MariaDB 10.4.28

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