Dealing with a partially translated website

General questions regarding the use of languages in Joomla! 5.x.

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Dealing with a partially translated website

Post by cerge-ei » Tue Jun 11, 2024 10:35 am


I have some questions as to the optimal way to deal with non-translated items in a multilingual Joomla! site (5.1).

Even before that, I have to ask if it is really necessary to duplicate the template, which is something we want to avoid as synchronizing changes in multiple templates is a constant headache (both our languages use the Latin script, so there are no ltr/rtl or font issues; also, we have an experience that multilanguage Joomla! sites work without template duplication).

The main issue is the following. There is a super-item (which can be an upper level menu item or e.g. an article category) which is translated, but there are some sub-items in just one language, which can be either "All" or one of the site languages. I will deal with the most common case in our site: a Single Article menu item(s) referring to an untranslated article.

Namely, there are two menus for the two languages, where the items available in both languages are linked by Associations, which includes all top-level items. However, some sub-items refer to articles only available in one language, and it is obvious that a sub-item cannot have two different super-items in a Joomla! menu.
  • Is it OK to refer to an article with "All" language from multiple menu items with specific languages? An alternative solution can be creating an associated article with the same content.
  • Is it OK to have a menu alias across languages, i.e., a menu item in one language referring to an item in another menu in another language? Namely, could this result in e.g. menu modules not working?
  • Or is the best solution in this case is just to use the direct URL menu item?

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